8 Intelligence Matrix

Based on Howard Gardner’s theory on multiple intelligences, there are 8 different types of intelligence which guides the way we learn and process information. These 8 intelligences are Word Smart, Logic Smart, Picture Smart, Music Smart, Body Smart, People Smart, Nature Smart and Self Smart. Our enrichment programmes and activities have been specially designed to encompass the 8 Intelligence Matrix.

Children who love to think and process information visually through pictures and graphics, are picture smart. They tend to be more on the creative end and is very aware of their surroundings. Our play zones allow them to expand their creativity and imagination through role-play scenarios.

Children are highly aware through touch and physical movements and are also highly athletic and active. In our play zones, they will enjoy climbing and scaling structures, trampolines, and playing games that involve cooperation and good teamwork.

Children who are logic smart, can easily comprehend data and analyse pattern. They can think through the entire process, be rational in terms of cause, effect, and result. With our play zones, they will love activities that involve reasoning, thinking, and pattern-observing.

Children who are people smart, are friendly and can get along well with others. They are also naturally good leaders who use their insights to negotiate, convince and obtain information. Our open play spaces allow them to work with other kids to complete activities, overcome obstacles and play together.

Children think, feel, and process information mainly through sound, rhythms, and beats. They have the unique ability to perceive, understand, and perform music. In our play zones, they are given the opportunity to create their own music while using rhythm or lyrics to memorize information.

Children loves nature and have a need to protect the environment from any dangers. They can easily identify and classify the various flora and fauna of their environment. At Kiztopia, we have designed certain themed play zones with natural surroundings to enhance the experience.

Children have a deep self-awareness of themselves; their emotions, abilities, plans, and goals. They tend to take alone time to process, create, and execute the plan to derive the results they want. Our play zones give them ample space to spend some time by themselves to write, read, self-reflect, or interact with technology.

Children who love words, use them as the main way of communication and learning. They identify content differently and enjoy reading and writing. Our play areas come with written narratives such as how-to-play instructions, descriptions of items and more to enhance their playing experience.

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